Benefit of Margosa

Health Benefits Of Margosa

Margosa leaves stimulates the immune system, improves liver functionality, detoxifies the blood and promotes a healthy respiratory and digestive system.  It is famous as a malaria treatment and works for diabetes well. Margosa leaves enhance biological functions by strengthening the immune system

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1. Viral disease:

Margosa leaves have often been used in India to treat viral diseases. Margosa leaves extract, absorbs and eliminates virus. As a preventive measure, you can prepare a Margosa paste and apply on the affected area. It is very useful for treating warts, chicken pox, and small pox. This is because Margosa absorbs the virus and protects from entering the unaffected areas. Margosa extracts, toxic to herpes virus accelerate healing. Tea prepared with leaves of Margosa and the application of Margosa ointment on cold sores relieves herpes symptoms.

Due to its anti-viral activity, Margosa leaves are boiled and are used for bathing especially for those who are suffering from skin ailments. This provides respite to conditions such as eczema, cold sores and warts. It soothes inflammation by soothing itching and irritation. Margosa leaves also helps to remove intestinal parasites and restores healthy functioning of the intestine.

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2. Cardiac Care:

Margosa leaves are known to be an effective blood cleanser and drinking Margosa infused boiled water controls high blood sugar. Margosa leaves extract is effective in purifying blood, removing toxins defending against inflictions and damages from free radicals in the body. Margosa leaves helps to dilate blood vessels improving blood circulation and decreases elevated heart rates. It relaxes erratic heart beats and controls high blood pressure.

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3. Fungal disease:

Margosa is also effective against fungal diseases that affect human body. These include fungus that causes lung and bronchi infection and mucous membranes. Margosa leaves reduce the symptoms of fungal infections and oral thrush. Margosa is also effective against fungus that infects hair, skin and nails that includes ringworm that occurs in hands and feet. Consuming leaves also suppresses cancer cells.

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4. Malaria:

Margosa is used to treat malaria fevers. One of the Margosa components gedunin is very effective for treating malaria. Mosquitoes exposed to odours of crushed Margosa leaves result in suppression of egg laying. Consuming Margosa leaves is an acclaimed treatment of malaria.

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5. Cancer:

Margosa bark leaves contain Polysaccharides and liomnoids which are beneficial for alleviating cancer and tumor cells.

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6. Arthritis:

Certain properties of Margosa leaf seed or barks naturally cure arthritis and reduce pain and swelling in joints. A massage with Margosa oil is effective in relieving muscle aches and joint paint and helps alleviate rheumatism, osteoarthritis and lower back pain.


7. Cures Poison:

Margosa leaves are also effective in treating poisons and insects bites. This is due to anti-clotting agents that reside in Margosa leaf extract. Margosa leaves are also used in treatment of ulcers and inflammation as they have significant anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer activity.