Margosa Vs Skin Care

It is an herb that is commonly available throughout the year and has benefits that only a few natural products can provide. Margosa has antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties that not only benefit your health but also can help you get rid of common beauty problems.

Benefits Of Margosa For Skin:

Margosa proves to be a miracle for people with problematic skin, thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Margosa is a boon for people with sensitive or oily, acne-prone skin.

Here are some ways in which you can use Margosa to get that glowing skin you have always wanted:

1. Clears Acne & Dark Pigmentation:

Boil a concoction of about 20 Margosa leaves in half a litre of water till the leaves are soft and discoloured, and the water turns green. Strain and store in a bottle. Use this liquid as a skin toner by just dipping a cotton ball into it and wiping your face with it every night. Regular usage will help in clearing acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads.

2. Prevents Recurrence Of Blackheads:

In case you have a very sensitive skin and are suffering from blackheads, dilute Margosa oil with water and apply it over the blackheads. Make sure that that you don’t use more than 2-3 drops of Margosa oil. Applying this regularly will help you in getting rid of blackheads and also prevent them from coming back.

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3. Treats Skin Infection:

To get rid skin of infection, prepare the concoction as mentioned above and add about 100 ml of it to your bathing water.

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4. Prevents Acne Breakouts:

To get rid of acne, take about 10 Margosa leaves, boil them with small segments of orange peel in a little water. When they become a little soft, let them cook a little and then pound them into a pulp. Apply this to your face and let it sit till it starts drying after which you can rinse with cold water. This face pack will help in clearing acne and prevent breakouts. It also helps in getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads.

In case you have very dry skin, you can add a little honey and yogurt to this pack.

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5. Turns Skin Clear:

Another effective remedy for acne and pimples using Margosa is to make a paste of Margosa leaves and turmeric and use it twice a week. Regular usage gives you a clear and flawless skin. You can also add some grated cucumber to it as well.

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6. Treats Pimples:

Just like Margosa, tulsi is another herb that has many benefits for the skin. Grind together a few Margosa leaves with a handful of tulsi leaves or you can use the powder form of both, if they are available to you. Mix it with rose water to form a paste and apply it to naturally treat pimples.

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7. Controls Excess Oils:

Oily skin beauties who are looking for some sebum control can make a paste by mixing Margosa powder with lemon juice and a little bit of yogurt. This will not only control the excess oil but also prevent acne and infections that are common problems associated with this skin type.

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8. Adds Glow To The Skin:

For getting a glowing skin with a clear complexion, mix Margosa powder with rose petal powder, yogurt and a little milk to make a smooth paste. Apply it and let it rest for 15 minutes and rinse with water that is mixed with 2-3 tbsp. of rose water.

You can also add fuller’s earth or gram flour to this pack to make it into a scrub.

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9. Lightens Skin Pigmentation:

To get rid of pigmentation and blemishes on the skin, mix Margosa powder, with tulsi powder, sandalwood powder and rose water to make a fine paste. Apply the paste on your face and let it dry before you wash it off with cold water. Regular usage will help in lightening the blemishes.

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10. Treats Skin Dryness:

Not many people know about the moisturizing properties of Margosa but, nonetheless, Margosa helps in getting rid of dryness of the skin without making it oily, thus giving a very balanced effect. Mix Margosa powder with some water and few drops of grape seed oil and apply it to your face.

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11. Delays Signs Of Skin Aging:

Margosa contains immune-stimulating compounds and regenerative properties that help the skin fight pathogens below the skin surface, thus keeping the skin remain supple. Applying Margosa oil on your face or adding Margosa powder to your face packs helps in soothing the skin and reducing the effects of aging.

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12. Treats Skin Allergies & Infections:

Margosa has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help in soothing the skin in case you are suffering from some skin allergy or infection. Boil the Margosa leaves & apply the water on the allergy after refrigerating it so that it cools down.

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13. Heals Psoriasis:

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is not only painful but also leaves your skin looking as if its burnt. The most common problem associated with this disease is dryness and scaling. Margosa oil helps in getting rid of itchiness and irritation. It also helps in keeping the skin moisturised, thus reducing the dryness and scaling. The antibacterial properties also prevent development of any further skin infections.

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14. Treats Eczema:

Eczema is a skin disorder which makes the skin dry and itchy. Margosa offers instantaneous and long-term relief from eczema. It also effectively cleans the rashes caused due to eczema. You can boil Margosa bark in water and use its paste as a pack against eczema.