Margosa Vs health care

Health Benefits Of Margosa:

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1. Antibacterial Properties:

Serious diseases like chicken pox and small pox have been treated with Margosa tree paste. Spread Margosa leaves around the patient and make him sleep over it for its soothing and antibacterial properties. It also cures people suffering from herpes and hepatitis B viruses.

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2. Contraceptive:

It is used for birth control and abortions. In the olden days, cotton soaked in Margosa seed oil was used as a contraceptive.

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3. Pesticide/ Insecticide:

Margosa oil is used in the preparation of pesticides and insecticides. In one litre of water, add liquid soap, Margosa oil and stir the solution. This solution is now ready to get rid of insects. This natural oil doesn’t kill bugs like insecticides, but instead repels them away.

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4.  Cures Asthma:

Take a few drops of Margosa oil – 3 drops to start with, at the centre of the tongue and swallow. Increase the dosage of intake gradually – say 4 drops in the second week, 5 drops in the 3rd week and go up to one tea spoon within six months.

Asthma can be completely cured by this method. This also helps in controlling phlegm, wheezing, cough, and breathing. Margosa offers a long-term relief from such respiratory disorders when taken regularly.

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5. Heals Ulcers:

Peptic ulcer is painful. It is an outcome of disturbed pH level in the stomach and intestines. Excessive acidity leads to ulcer formation in the stomach as well as in the intestines. Margosa not just prevents ulcers by maintaining the pH level, but also cures ulcers by restoring the normal PH level. It is an amazing soother and healer that calms the stomach. Its analgesic benefits offer freedom from pain as well.

Margosa bark extract has been found to be a curative for peptic ulcer disease. The bark extract, when taken twice daily for 10 weeks, almost completely heals ulcers.

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6. Controls Diabetes:

Margosa can be used to treat the non-insulin dependent, type 2 diabetes. It controls the blood sugar level and triggers sugar metabolism. This brings down the blood sugar level and offers long lasting relief from diabetes. Margosa acts as insulin after being digested by the body.

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7. Maintains Oral Health:

Margosa makes for an amazing oral remedy that keeps you safe from gum diseases. It can cure the problems of bleeding gums and foul smell. It checks germ formation in the mouth and offers long lasting fresh breath. It offers freedom from toothache as well.

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8. Beneficial In Leprosy:

Margosa is a popular ancient remedy for leprosy.Margosa leaves and sap are two compounds that are medically proven to be effective in treating this dreaded disease. The patient, when given 60 grams of Margosa sap daily, recovers fast from this disease. Even a Margosa massage helps to treat leprosy. It heals the skin and offers strong anti-inflammatory benefits. Leprosy patients should massage Margosa leaves paste regularly.

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9. Blood Purifier:

Margosa, being a purifying agent, clears toxins from the blood. This amazing health benefit of Margosa can keep you safe from acne, skin irritations and much more. It also controls the formation of free radicals.

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10. Beneficial In Digestion:

Margosa leaves are a rich source of fiber. They contain 20% fiber alongside essential proteins, fat, calcium and amino acids. It improves the digestive capacity of the body and makes the intestines more active. The consumption of Margosa leaves treats digestive disorders like gas and constipation.

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11. Treats Malaria:

Margosa offers the goodness of an antipyretic agent as well. Malaria is a lethal fever that affects the efficiency of the human liver. Eat a few Margosa leaves daily to keep the liver safe from malarial side effects.

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12. Perfect Solution For Dark Eye Circles:

Looking like a panda because of those dark circles around your eyes. Margosa helps in reducing the pigmentation as well as acts as a moisturising agent, it is the perfect solution to this problem. Just make a paste of water and Margosa powder and apply it around the eyes. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Do this every day to see the difference.

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13. Gives Shiny Teeth On Brushing With Twigs:

We all know that a beautiful smile is a girl’s best accessory. To make that smile even more special, use Margosa twigs to brush your teeth. This is an age-old remedy that will not only leave your teeth shiny and white but will also keep dental problems like cavity, plaque and bad breath at bay.

Blood Circulation ?? ??? ????? ??????

14. Enhances Blood Circulation & Regulates Hormonal Levels:

No amount of makeup can give you the natural glow that is a sign of a healthy skin. To get that glow, it is important that you are healthy from within. Margosa is known since the ancient times for cleansing the blood and the body. Regular consumption of Margosa leaves helps in enhancing blood circulation as well as preventing hormonal imbalance that are a major reason behind some skin and hair problems.

Consume 2-3 Margosa leaves mixed with some honey on empty stomach every day and you will see the changes for yourself.

Make sure you don’t try to consume the concoction that you make by boiling Margosa leaves in water as the leaves tend to leave behind a pungent smell after they are boiled which would make it difficult for you to consume the liquid.

healthy nails ?? ??? ????? ??????

15. Treats All Kinds Of Nail Problems:

If you are suffering from common nail problems like splintering and peeling of nails, then Margosa oil is the best solution.  Margosa oil helps in making your nails strong, thus preventing them from peeling or becoming brittle. These problems might occur due to some nail infection. Margosa oil will help you to tackle that as well. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Margosa help you get rid of infection, keeping your nails healthy.

Just massage your nails and cuticles with a few drops of Margosa oil and that is all that is required to get healthy nails.


Misc Benefits Of Margosa:

The benefits of Margosa are not just limited to your skin and hair. Margosa helps in solving a lot of other issues as well.

One word of caution is that Margosa oil does not smell pleasant. Also, you need to make sure that you wash your hands properly before you eat anything so that you do not consume the Margosa oil.

Margosa is a wonder herb. Every part of the Margosa tree has its benefits whether it is the fruit, the leaves, the bark or the twigs. It is one of the few natural ingredients that have so many benefits but no side effects, as such. Also, always try and use fresh Margosa leaves. The Margosa leaves start losing their benefits as soon as they are plucked from the tree.

Which of these tricks have you tried before? Were they effective? It is always advisable to consult a doctor before you proceed to take Margosa in the oral form. Leave your feedback in the comments below.