Backache is one of the most common affliction, to which hardly any lady is an exception. This is the most agonising and incapacitating physical disorders which owes its origin to multiple physical factors. It is merely a symptom and not a disease whose cause lies elsewhere in the body. Spine is the longest column in the body that is comprised of - Cervical Vertebrae, Thoracic Vertebrae or Dorsal Vertibral, Lumbar Vertebrae, Sacrum and Coccyx or tail bore. In backache, only lumbar portion is affected, though pains may radiate to sacrum and coccyx also.


  1. Constant pain, at times unbearable and severe.
  2. Difficulty in bending forward and also on sideways.
  3. Aggravation of pain by least movement, jerk. Feeling as if entire area is sore and sensitive to even slight touch.
  4. Relief is felt by gentle massage.
  5. Incapacitation.
  6. Feeling as if the back muscles were bound and tightened by a blinder.

Root Causes

  1. Spinal Arthritis, Rheumatoid or Ankeylosing Spondylitis.
  2. Curvature of spine.
  3. Presence of tumours in the spine.
  4. Some chronic infection.
  5. Injury to spine or abnormal stress caused by lifting any heavy object.
  6. Poor circulation of blood.
  7. Sitting in a particular position at a stretch, but more so when one is obliged to perform some job where bending of back becomes a necessity.
  8. Psychological upsets.