Why Tomatoes Should be an Essential Part of Your Diet?

What is the Nutritional value of Tomato?


Tomatoes are now eaten freely throughout the world, and their adequate consumption is believed to benefit the heart, among other organs. Tomatoes are loaded with many health enhancing benefits. In fact, they are incredibly versatile and can be prepared in a seemingly endless number of dishes, as well as being great to eat alone.

Tomatoes contain the carotene lycopene which is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Lycopene in tomato has also been shown to protect against oxidative damage in many epidemiological and experimental studies.

Keep reading to find out why you need to incorporate tomatoes as a part of your regular balanced diet.


benefits of tomato


What are the medicinal properties of tomato?


Tomatoes are good for your Skin

Lycopene has also been shown to improve the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays. A study done at Manchester and Newcastle universities revealed that tomatoes can protect against sunburn and help keep the skin youthful.

Hence, tomatoes are used in some of the facial cleansers that are available in the market. If you want to try tomatoes for skin care, peel the tomatoes and then place the skin (tomato) on your face with the inner side touching your skin. Leave it on your face for a minimum of ten minutes, then wash. Your face will become clean, shiny and glowing. Some redness may occur, but it will fade out with time.


Tomatoes may prevent several types of Cancer

A number of studies have been concluded that high levels of lycopene in tomatoes reduces your chances of developing prostate, colorectal, breast, stomach, head and neck cancer and might be strongly protective against neurodegenerative diseases. Cooked tomatoes produce even more lycopene, so go ahead and cook up a batch of your mom’s famous tomato soup.


Tomatoes help maintain Strong Bones


Tomatoes contain a considerable amount of calcium and vitamin K that are essential in strengthening and performing minor repairs of the bones as well as tissues.


Tomatoes may help repair damage caused by Smoking


No, eating tomatoes is not the most recent fad to help you quit smoking. However, tomatoes may reduce the amount of damaged done to your body by smoking cigarettes. Tomatoes contain chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid that work to protect the body from carcinogens that are produced from cigarette smoke.


Tomatoes provide essential Antioxidants


Tomatoes contain a great deal of vitamin A and vitamin C. These vitamins and beta-carotene work as antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood. These free radicals are dangerous because they may lead to cell damage. Remember, the redder the tomato you eat, the more beta-carotene it contains. In addition to this, you should also keep in mind that cooking destroys the vitamin C, so for more benefits of tomato, you should eat them raw.


Tomatoes are good for your Heart


Vitamin B and potassium in tomatoes are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. Therefore, by adding tomatoes in your regular balanced diet you can effectively prevent strokes, heart attacks, as well as many other heart-related problems that may threaten your life.


Tomatoes are good for your Hair


The Vitamin A in tomatoes works perfectly to keep your hair shiny and strong. In addition to this, it also does wonders to your eyes, skin, bones and teeth.


Tomatoes are good for your Kidneys


Some studies have been proven that adding tomatoes without seeds to your diet may reduce the risk of kidney stones.


Tomatoes are good for your Eyes


The Vitamin A found in tomatoes is fantastic for improving your vision. In addition to this, eating tomatoes is one of the best ways to prevent the development of night blindness.


Tomatoes are good for Diabetes


Tomatoes are packed with chromium, a valuable mineral. It works effectively to help diabetics keep their blood sugar levels under control.


TOMATO (Nutritional value per 100g)

Energy 74 kJ (18 kcal)
Carbohydrates 3.9 g
- Sugars 2.6 g
- Dietary fiber 1.2 g
Fat 0.2 g
Protein 0.9 g
Water 94.5 g
Vitamin A equiv. 42 μg (5%)
- lutein and zeaxanthin 123 μg
Vitamin C 14 mg (17%)
Vitamin E 0.54 mg (4%)
Potassium 237 mg (5%)

Source: USDA Nutrient Database

























Hope, now you got an idea about various benefits of tomato and how they are effective in your health.

So, add tomato to your recipes enjoy the taste and improve your health.

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